While HP printers are known for its reliability, you can face some minor issues from time to time. You can resolve most of the issues with simple troubleshooting steps. Your printer can trouble you at inappropriate times. Knowing few simple troubleshooting tips can help you resolve these issues you face. For a person using it in the office, it can be critical.

Find some common troubleshooting steps on how to fix printer problems.

List of common Printer issues:

  • Paper Jam
  • Printer not Printing
  • Replacing ink cartridge
  • Print quality is poor

How to Fix Printer Problems

Solutions for the common printer problems:

1. Paper Jam:

This issue is the most commonly occurring one with any model HP Printer/any printer. There can be a number of reasons for the paper jam to occur.

  • You used a wrong paper type.
  • Rollers on the printer are worn down
  • Dirty

When you remove the paper from the rollers after a paper jam, make sure you remove all the bits without leaving any.  Do not use old paper. It absorbs a lot of moisture. Use the correct paper type that is suitable for your printer. Do not use thick cards as most of the printers for home use, use thin paper types. Make sure you clean the printer periodically and use the correct paper type to avoid the paper jam issue.

2. Printer not printing:

A printer might not print for various reasons. Perform the basic checks first.

  • Check if you see any error messages.
  • Also, check if you see any warning lights.
  • Make sure you have inserted papers in the paper tray.
  • Check for the ink levels on the ink or toner cartridges.
  • Look for the printer wireless connectivity status.
  • Check if you have connected the USB cable between the printer and the system securely.

After you do the basic check and if everything is ok, then check the following

  • Make sure you have installed the correct printer driver that suits your printer model.
  • It can also be because of some software you have recently installed.
  • This software may have virtual printer which when you print a file will get saved here instead of sending it to the actual printer.
  • You can change this manually. Go to the control panel and choose devices and printers.
  • Look for your printer name, right click on it and set it as
  • You can also use the HP Print and Scan doctor to identify and rectify the problems.

3. Replacing the ink cartridge:

You will not be able to print if your printer runs out of ink. Your printer will send you a warning about the ink levels before it actually runs out. You can purchase a new cartridge as soon as you see the warning. Even after you see the warning message and if you are an occasional user, you can keep using the printer until the ink runs out completely.  You can find the steps to replace the ink cartridges on our website.

4. Print quality is poor:

Check the printer nozzles:

The nozzles on the inkjet printer can get blocked sometimes. You can clean the printer nozzles to solve this issue. On the printer manual’s maintenance section, find the procedures to clean the printer nozzle.

You can check if you have set the print density to low if you get a faded output. Also, check if your toner is running out of ink.

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